TMK Merchandise Ideas

Here are some of our existing and past products and also product ideas that we haven’t progressed yet but would like to…


TMK Clothing

T-shirts, Hoodies, Hats, etc - you name it we logo’d it!!
Our KindaHappy volunteers sourced some organic garments and got printing…

merch 7jpg

Tote Bags, Cushions, Aprons and other such stuff

Two which we had in the range (tote bag and cushions) and some which we never quite got around to (aprons, coasters and other stuff for the home)! We’re interested in producing these products with our logo on but also with other artistic, inspiring and humorous designs that spread the message of kindness, or other positive change messages, in people’s homes and beyond.


Mugs, posters, greeting cards and other artist-designed products

Our KindaShop in Norwich sold a range of mugs and other artist-designed products from organisations like ArtHouse Unlimited, who work with people living with learning and physical disabilities. We also asked our in-house Friendship group, who meet in our Norwich venue weekly, to design some greeting cards for us. We’d love to work with community art groups to design some products like this with a kindness theme.

merch 8

TMK Stationery

We’ve had a Travelling Kindness book, note pads, packaging all with our logo on, but we’re sure there are some innovative stationery ideas out there in people’s heads that we’d be interested in hearing about!!

merch 9b

Reusable Cups

You’ve seen cups like these everywhere of course, but we’d like some tMK branded ones made of bamboo or another material that is definitely not plastic and definitely sends an ethical message about minimising paper and energy waste..bring on the ideas please!!


Playing Card style packs of Kindness

A pack of cards with a kindness message on that the holder gives out to random people in the street, at bus stops, in the school playground, or wherever they choose, to cheer up the recipient’s day. Or maybe some cards designed to inspire RAOKs (random acts of kindness) which the owner can either action each day themselves or hand out to people for ideas. If you’d like to develop this idea with us, then do let us know :)



We just love hand-crafted products, like these fairy doors with a kindness message when opened that our volunteers at KindaVillage just happened to whittle out one day…!

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