Volunteer with Us

We are a fast moving fun charity with lots of interesting and inspiring kindness projects on the go at any one time!

We couldn’t spread kindness far and wide without the help of like-minded and passionate people. We believe that by kindly giving your time and doing good, you feel good… and kindahappy! Perfect. That’s why we regularly offer amazing opportunities to volunteer for our worthwhile charity – to have fun and at the same time, make a difference to the world; to yourself, to others, animals or the planet.

Being part of the tMK tribe is way more than just volunteering. You are a member of a fun loving and kind community. A community that has no specific sector, geographical or religious attachments.

Current volunteering opportunities

Unfortunately we’re not recruiting for volunteers at the moment but we regularly have new projects and opportunities that come up.

Please email us if you would like us to let you know when new volunteering opportunities are available.

Our volunteers say…

“A really good environment, friendly people and a lot of different things to do.” Alberto

“…It was completely amazing… the time that we spent there was quite enriching, and the best thing was the people we met there.” Marta