Volunteer with Us

Fancy being a kindness warrior?

We are a fast moving fun charity with lots of interesting and inspiring kindness projects on the go at any one time! There are lots of ways to get involved in our wonderful work. We are looking for passionate volunteers who can offer skills and experience to help support, run and grow the Missing Kind.

We couldn’t spread kindness far and wide without the help of like-minded and passionate people. We believe that by kindly giving your time and doing good, you feel good… and kindahappy! Perfect. That’s why we offer an amazing opportunity to volunteer for our worthwhile charity – to have fun and at the same time, make a difference to the world; to yourself, to others, animals or the planet.

Being part of the tMK tribe is way more than just volunteering. You are a member of a fun loving and kind community. A community that has no specific sector, geographical or religious attachments. Having read through our website, do you love what we are about and want to join? Read on…

Who we are looking for

We like the word ‘tribe’ as we are a powerful group of kind people with strong values who all look out for one another. Feathers and face paint not compulsory! We are looking for fun and passionate people (over the age of 16) who really understand what we are about and genuinely want to make a difference from the heart. We have volunteers from lots of different backgrounds and cultures, of all ages. If you have specific needs, we will do our best to find a way to support you.

What can I do to help?

As a volunteer, you will be at the very heart of our work and can be as involved as you wish to be. That may be with day to day tasks, leading a project or bigger visionary stuff. Some of our work is in motion, and other projects are in development. Always something inspiring going on at tMK! Our opportunities change from time to time, but if you can’t see something here which inspires you, it is always worth getting in touch with us. Our current opportunities are:

NORWICH (Norfolk UK)

We need some of your lovely help at the Missing Kind on Castle Meadow, to help keep our kindness venue open. Click on the title below to read the full role of each opportunity, and then complete our Volunteer Application Form if you are keen!

  • Café Volunteer – to help with the smooth running of the café and to make it a warm and inviting place to connect and spread kindness in the local community.
  • Social Media Café Volunteer – to promote online our social enterprise café on 23 Castle Meadow, Norwich.
  • Event Administration and Marketing Volunteer – to support the events we put on in our inspiring events space. The type of events are small and diverse and include; workshops, poetry, classes, talks, debates, films etc, all being linked to kindness to animals, people or planet.
  • Cleaning Volunteer – we have a big sunny event space, three offices, our volunteer kitchen and some hallways/stairs that need attention once a week.
  • KindaShop Meet and Greet Volunteer – to help with the smooth running of our ethical shop to create a friendly and inviting place to inspire and educate. The ethical shop supports products from other charities, social enterprises, community groups and individuals who put people and planet first.
  • KindaShop Social Media Volunteer – to help create and implement an effective marketing plan to aid the development, growth and sustainability of our kindness shopping hub. This role could be shared by several volunteers, depending on skills and availability.
  • KindaShop Visual Merchandising Volunteer – an artistic volunteer to take up a residency within our own shop window, and effectively present our ethical shop. Conveying the values we stand for and the products we sell.
  • KindaShop – Volunteer Retail Buyer – to help with the retail buying of ethical goods in our ethical shop. A volunteer with the skills and experience to source products and merchandise that will inspire and educate others to consume kindly.

Why volunteer?

  • Meet new kind and passionate friends
  • Share your skills and learn new ones
  • Use your experience to benefit your CV
  • Make a difference to people, animals or the planet
  • Gain confidence, a sense of purpose and achievement
  • Feel kindahappy by giving something back
  • Become part of the tMK tribe community
  • We pay your travel expenses
  • Spread a lot of kindness and cheer
  • Free refreshments on shift
  • Special volunteering get-togethers and social events
  • A chance to grow your own passion with our support
  • We can supply you a reference
  • Have fun and be inspired
  • Is that enough reasons?!

Our volunteers say…

“A really good environment, friendly people and a lot of different things to do.” Alberto

“…It was completely amazing… the time that we spent there was quite enriching, and the best thing was the people we met there.” Marta

What next?

Have any questions? Email us at time@missingkind.org or call us on 01603 850 309

Are you ready to join the tMK tribe? Are you the kind and passionate person we are looking for? Well, we would love to hear from you! Complete our online Volunteer Application Form and we will be in touch usually within a week or so. We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the tMK tribe, where you can stock up on those kind time hours!

Contact details

Email us at time@missingkind.org or call us on 01603 850 309