KindaSchooling is an innovative and exciting website that offers lesson plans, worksheets, whole school activities together with many resources and ideas for the teaching of kindness in primary schools. It is part of tMK’s vision to be inclusive and this project is putting building blocks of kindness in place for the younger generation. The website aims to inspire the teaching of kindness as part of the National Curriculum in every subject. The teaching of kindness brings about happiness and we see these qualities being intrinsically linked to a generation of children who will be able to make positive decisions for themselves, others and the world around them.

  • Kindness and Positivity in Every Subject

It is said that our school days are the happiest days of our lives, however for a lot of children they are not, 3 children in each class will have a diagnosable mental health problem, some may be bullied, struggle with situations in their home lives or be overwhelmed by the world they live in. KindaSchooling is reversing that situation, by promoting the importance of teaching kindness in schools throughout the curriculum on a daily basis.

  • Start Each Day with a Smile…

How do we start teaching kindness? Make it easy and make it fun! At kindaSchooling we have many activities that aim to do this, such as a list of over 500 kindness words; let the children pick a word to name their friends, use it in registration time, make badges, etc. and start the day with a smile. Create a cycle of positivity throughout the day that shows in all elements of not only school life but home life too.

  • Getting Down to Work

Our worksheets are bright and visually appealing to children, they portray kindness to people, the planet, animals and ways to achieve it. To give some examples: in History, we have a change from horrible histories to happy histories where the great humanitarians are explored and we have a real-life story told by an evacuee in WW2 of her adventure and the many kindnesses she received. In Computing, we look at how technology can help those with disabilities and we meet Hamish the Hound for some computer skills practice. So, it carries on throughout the other subjects, kindness can be at the foundation of every lesson.

  • Kind to the Core

At KindaSchooling we believe kindness should be at the core of every subject, however we do not ignore the importance of English, Maths and Science as core subjects. In Maths, we have a full range of worksheets with kindness at the heart of them eg: we look at ratio through sharing, telling the time with kindness acts and we even count happy fruit for KS1! Kindness is introduced in a variety of ways in English through literature and poetry, a kindness themed book week together with lots of other exciting ideas. Science, in learning how to respect and look after our planet and animals, is all about kindness and is presented in an interesting, engaging and fun way including a ‘happy hens game’ and some possibly messy activities on composting and recycling.

  • Guerrilla Gardening and a Great Deal More

There are ‘whole week’ sections with a range of activities for all ages and abilities, whole school events and assemblies that can be downloaded. On the web-site you will also find some interesting school projects and clubs with full details of how they can be set up and run, including guerrilla gardening and an after-school kindness club.

  • Keeping it Simple

Bringing kindness to the forefront of an existing lesson plan can be simple with the use of the many ideas that you can adapt from the website. These ideas have opportunities for all schools regardless of their size, or whether they are inner city or rurally positioned. Kindness is simple and KindaSchooling shows you just how easy it can be.

  • Inspiring Teachers

Our vision is to not only inspire children but to inspire teachers that in joining KindaSchooling and teaching kindness, they will have schools where children are happy. Where there is increased peer acceptance, improved health, decreased stress, a greater sense of belonging and improved self-esteem. A place where increased feelings of gratitude, better concentration, less bullying, reduced depression and ultimately improved grades occur.

Visit our page if you need to find out more about our KindaSchooling project.