Submission by ‘Adarthome Project’, Stob, Bulgaria

The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that we have lived and lived well.

The General Idea :
To make a positive and meaningful difference in the lives of people who need it most.


The Projects :
1. Big heart Rooms – designing and decorating the living space for elderly disable people who live on their own and fully depend on a carer for all the hours of each day.
2. Kind-a-Happy Christmas bag – gifting a bag with basic goods and food to elderly people who live alone or depend on social care support.

The Place :
Village of Stob, Rila Mountains, Bulgaria

The Creators :
The Missing Kind Charity – a registered charity set up to secure a sustainable vision, to maintain the assets for future generations. A holding trust for donated investments and project funding, registered with the UK Charities Commission.

The Missing Kind Office @ 21 Castle Meadow
PHONE: 01603 850309

The Missing Kind Logo

The Facilitator :
Adart Home Project – a small and simple rural organic home with Art and Earth activities – Rila Mountains , Bulgaria

2638 Stob village, 4 Yordan Klincharski str.
PHONE: 00359876717128

The Process:
The good will to make a difference in people’s lives brings us together ,the good intentions and kindness to the people we see in sufferance brought the idea of making a change in their lives as much as our abilities and time allow us to. Being able to do even a smallest act of kindness matters the most.

The idea was developed after interacting with the less fortunate people of this rural community living on poverty , most of them with medical conditions and depending on a social care and community assistance. The decision to make a kind difference as much as possible came after visits and conversations. A team of Kindness volunteers hosted by ‘Adarthome Project’ network are developing and bringing to completion the following kindness projects :

1.The Big Heart Rooms(changing rooms) – the project that revives the living space of the people in big need, those who live in conditions below the basic standard of living in the community
2.Kind-a-Happy Christmas bag – the project that provides with basic goods and food those who can not afford to put much on their tables at Christmas . On the kindness list are elderly people in need of social care and disabled people living in the village of Stob, Bulgaria.

The Missing Kind charity makes the completion of the projects possible with financial support and the hands and hearts of the creators and volunteers together to fulfill the projects and make a real difference in the lives of the people who live in very poor conditions in one of the most poor countries in EU – Bulgaria.

The work on these projects has a numerous valuable and moral positives – but most of all such a work brings people together from different parts of the world,all of them united by the very core idea of kindness to one another and helping people in need . As we are all given two hands – one to help ourselves and the other – to help people around us who need it the most. Without the kind support of tMK the projects would not be alive and active.